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I no longer wish to run this group so I'm seeking to hand over ownership to someone. If no one offers it'll be handed over to one of the contributors.
Hey! :icondahub: is giving :points: to people who watch, give llamas, and fav other people's work

You can also be featured if you donate some :points:

So visit dAhub now! :D

(Sorry but I'm seeking points right now^^)
Due to recent inactivity on my part, which i'm looking to fix but still, I'm looking for one or two new mods to accept deviations into the group. If you're interested in this, please note me or comment or something and I'd be happy to look into it.
I'm still getting things straighten up and such but joining is now open, mainly since I figured out how to open it. ^^
If you think there is any piece of art, yours or not, currently not in the group please please, feel free to submit it.
Sooo, to make this not as boring and short, in the comments tell me who your favorite RT/AH person is. yay

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